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Produce a graphic response/graphic product/piece of work that makes a statement, comment, observation or gives advice about your experience on your first year of this course.

Work with any appropriate media or format and develop and identify the content as entertaining, advisory or informative.


Think about the new experiences that you have had, the difficulties that you have overcome and the new people you have met and the life skills you have acquired this year.

Remember what it was like starting your first week, how did you feel and what emotions did you experience? Excitement, trepidation, fear or did you feel overwhelmed. You might have benefited from some advice, opinions and insight from others that have experienced the same transition.

What might you say, do or give to next years graphic design students to make the transition into the student experience, particularly this course more welcoming?

Mandatory Requirements:

Enjoy the process of reviewing the year.
On going documentation on your blog.


Design sheets, support work and notebooks.
Resolved design solutions in a format and media appropriate to your ideas.
Rational and evaluation.

Studio Deadline:

26th April 2013.

- - - -

Initial thoughts:

As a first year student on this course, I found the transition particularly exciting and welcoming due to my background. I previously spent one year studying BA(Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion at Nottingham Trent in 2010, before leaving and working full time for almost 2 years before returning to eduction. As I had lived away from home in the past and not liked it, I decided to commute to Leeds for the first year, so I haven't had any problems which the vast majority of students would of faced - halls, freshers week, money, food, student loans, home sickness, etc. 

Originally I thought of the following ideas for the brief:

- Guide to living away from University
- Money saving guide for commuters
- How to still have a social life and commute
- Dealing with a pressured work load
- Cook book
- Baking and typogateaux advice

- - - -

I really liked the idea of designing a publication or information pack for commuters, however it is unlikely many students will do this, so this would really limit my audience. 

The other option I really liked was to produce a book on baking and typogateaux - an annual competition for all three years, involving the designing and production of a typographical cake. 

For this project me and fellow student Sarah Butler were going to design a book each, one on cooking and one of baking for first years, and this was to be pitched in the crit.

I thought by creating a publication with simple recipes which can be adapted for typogateaux would encourage studnts to participate and not be overwhelmed by the other 2 years participating as well as exciting them for the brief. I would also like to include ideas and designs for potential cakes which could be made or manipulated and used as a base.

As a passionate baker and coming 2nd place in 2012 at typogateaux I feel this would be a really exciting, and ambitious project to carry out!

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