Monday, 15 April 2013


Below are my design development ideas for the 'A Guide to Typogateaux' publication. I originally thought of a spiral bound book, but wanted to look into different binding techniques and methods which I could use.
Above; 1. Landscape Stapled/Stitched A5 Book; 2. A5 Portrait Recipe Cards with Belly Band. I aesthetically prefer the first design development shown, however I feel a Portrait format would be more fitting for the content and structure. 
The idea of recipe cards, and a belly band holding he cards together was a favourite idea of mine, as each card would feature on recipe, with a photo/illustration on the reverse. However, due to the contents of both recipes and typogateux help and design ideas, I feel a book would be better suited. Also, after asking opinions of students and friends on the publication format, it was made apparent that individual cards would be easy for students to lose and keep organised. 
This is my favourite design idea so far, and the idea I will propose to produce. Almost perfect bound, leaving the book with a spine, each double page spread is to be printed individually and folded in half, being attached to the next page, and so and and so forth until all the pages are bound. A cover can then be placed. I really love how clean the finished product looks aesthetically when bound, and gives the impression of a real bakery/cooking publication.
Above I explored design ideas with spiral binding and ring binding. I love the aesthetics of ring binding, but feel the content and aesthetics of the design will not suit this type of format, nor publication. The book is to take form as similar to a baking book as possible. 

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