Thursday, 18 April 2013


Whilst initially starting to design my publication, I began writing an introduction for the guide. I came across a question, which was, does Amber Smith, course leader, or BAGD collectively set up and run the event. To solve my problem I found Amber, and asked her the posed question. To my dismay, she told me that Typogateaux is no longer running as of September, and that we were the last year group to take part. 

This meant, I could no longer design a publication based on the Typogateaux, as this would be irrelevant to students in September. 

Amber suggested to save time, and not put all of my previous work to waste, that I keep the design format and cook book theme, but change the topic. 

After pondering over alternative cook book ideas I felt narrowed to options, as other members of my class were designing books based on topics such as cheap lunches and healthy food. I wanted to do something different, and came up with the idea of 'Hangover Food'. I asked several students in both first year and second year if they would of been interested in such publication. The overall response was positive, and I thought with the short amount of time left to complete the brief, I felt like this was a good choice to go with as an alternative.

I carried out primary research to see what people's favourite hangover foods are (level4/5 students). The results are as follows:

- Full English
- Eggs Benedict
- Bacon and Egg Sandwich
- Fruit Salad
- 1/2 water, 1/2 orange, 1 tbsp salt
- Milkshake
- Scrambled Egg on Toast
- Pizza
- Chocolate Cake
- Burger and Chips
- Ice Lolly
- Prawn Sandwich
- Bacon Sandwich
- Poached Eggs on Toast
- Sausage and Hash Brown Sandwich
- Crumpet with Marmite and Cheese

This research proved important initially to start of the thought process for an idea and concept. I found that many people chose the same foods as their favourite, and they are all foods which people tend to buy ready made, or can be make quickly as it's likely they've made it before. The choices were very simple, and I wanted to add variation, and not focus entirely on 'hangover breakfasts'. 

I wanted to present the students with something new, and slightly humorous; light hearted and 'different'. 

I carried out a brief online search for other hang over foods to have variation to select content and improve and develop ideas.

I found a majority of the choices above, as well as the following:

- Pancakes
- Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich
- Smoothie
- Noodles
- Soup
- Apple Cider, Water and Bicarbonate of Soda
- Cayenne Pepper, Honey, Lemon and Water

I found the last two very strange at first, however I further researched into them further, and found out that they are old wives tales to cure hangovers. Even though it's weird, it sounding intriguing. I found many other mythical cures from around the world, as well as other wives tales. 

The idea of an alternative hangover cook book sounded much more fun to me than standard food choices. I wanted to experiment with this brief and I feel picking a quirky topic allows me to do so.  

By having a recipe book featuring challenging and daring hangover cures as stated on my design context blog, it engages students to bond with their flatmates throughout the freshers period and have fun the next morning after a night out, experimenting with unusual cures. The book will simply features two sections; food and drink.

I would like to try out different binding techniques such as perfect binding and coptic binding, similar to the mock up produced before the change of topic as stated above.

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