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During this workshop, we were asked to get into groups and work on a concept based on 4 given words.

My group consisted of:

Victoria Redmond
Jnae Saunders
Charlie Rotherham
Danielle Yearsley
Ewan North

The words given are:


And the topic to revolve a concept and presentation on is: a Bar.

To start we brainstormed our collective ideas and interpretations regarding each word given. We looked at short words and phrases which could lead on to other, further developed ideas and concepts.

You can see through the link diagrams above, how we came up with ideas for audience and how we went from one type of bar to another. The two main concepts that we talked about were, a sweet shop style bar, or a hangover bar, so to speak. 

This proved to be a good method to pool together ideas, as we all were actively involved with the discussion and concept generation for this workshop.

Once we had decided on an idea which we thought had more scope for a viable concept, we brainstormed further looking at unique qualities of the bars. 

We chose to come up with the concept for a 'double bar' which is two bars, essentially back to back. One would be a night time bar designed to deliver drinks to 18-25 year olds on a night out in Leeds city centre. On the other side, would be a hangover bar with zero alcohol, but contain things to purely make your hangover disappear. and a social space that friends can gather. 

We would have unique selling points such as a morning after chemist, a rent a onesie area and a game/tv area with sofas, xbox's and duvets! A 24 hour band with entry the previous night will give you free entry in the morning with an included breakfast.

We are required to deliver a 3-5 minute concept presentation tomorrow based on our ideas with visuals. To do this, our group broke down different tasks to cover the branding and identity of the bar "Black Out" a play on the term "memory loss".

Danielle M - Uniform

Danielle Y - Drinks
Victoria R - Music/Wristband
Jnae S - Interiors
Ewan N - Logo
Charlie R - Food/Hangover Cures

Notes from Workshop:

The uniforms designed are shown below:

I was responsible for designing the uniforms of the bar staff. 

I decided to design 2 outfits, primarily female for the time being to cover the basic idea. One is a night-time uniform, and the other is for day shifts. 

I have tried to tie the concept of the uniform with the name, theme of the bar and its interiors as seen in the imagery below, and overall concept of duos/opposites, i.e. dressed up/casual.

Comfy, relaxed, casual, messy, calm.

Dressy, smart, sexy, evening wear, attractive.


The name was changed for the double bar, from 'black out' to 'remedy' as a play on works for hangover treatment. This however was a similar concept to another group, who chose to build a concept for a 'remedy hotel'. We had another brain storm for an alternative or synonym which could be easily changed.

Ewan created the logo and it featured a double bar one with sofa and one with a normal bar . Vicky decided to take out the circular border (white) and changed the name to Panacea, as seen below..

We decided on panacea it sounds like a bar so we found it fitting for a synonm with a ring to it.  This name also worked out looking better on our original logo than the 'rememdy' logo. We used Bebas new to create a smart, modern and clean logo. 

The logo is a play on the bar on the left, and the recovery rooms on the right. These were vector images created by Ewan.

Napkin mockup showing branding-

J'nae looked at interior design for what our double bar might look like.

We loved this image we wanted it to reflect window our chosen path to go down thats how we got to our concept. The triangular panels remind me of frosted glass, keeping to our original word chosen - window. Both images also tie in perfectly with the uniform colour scheme that I came up with.

This was for the chill out hangover bar - quirky and homely with nice sofas and interesting design on the walls. Denim linking to uniform. We wanted a really relaxed atmosphere and ethos as in everyday is a lazy sunday.

We recieved feeback that we needed to :
  • Consider audience - because we said it was for students but we did mention for hen parties to which kind of clashes.
  • More concept for the bar i think it just needed all of our ideas to come together a bit more
  • Also Refinement for the uniform because it wasn't appropriate for the night.
Overall I really enjoyed the concept workshops. It allowed us as a group to put ideas together from set words, and run with a concept which was totally fictional. We all chose tasks to do ourselves which encouraged our skill sets to be used to the best abilities, matching everyone's strengths and weaknesses. The group overall was vocal and had great communication, but if I was to repeat the task, I would try and make the concept more refined with a clearer audience as this is one of the most crucial stages to get right.

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