Tuesday, 15 October 2013


As part of my primary research, I wanted to experiment with folding and binding ideas. This is to make my info-pack even more aesthetically pleasing, functional and interactive with the reader in the terms of unfolding/folding, size/format  and touch/feel.

Below are some sketches based on my secondary research with some mock ups below.


Mountain Fold: A4 paper in portrait format and folded in half vertically.

Vallley Fold: Opposite to the fold above.

Throw-up page: More complex folding.

Folds out to give more space for body copy etc.

Throw-up fold: A smaller version of the fold-out shown above.

Roll Fold:

Concertina Fold: Made with mountain and valley folds.

Gate fold:

Pages folded act as 'door' to hidden pages/panels inside.

Belly Band: Grouping the above leaflets into one package, as shown below. A very easy way of holding different components of a pack.

Metal Fastenings: Keeps pages folded in half, or alone, together in a smart, clean manner and aesthetic.

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