Tuesday, 15 October 2013


After I had come up with a basic idea I wanted to run with, of a info-pack consisting of different publications targeted at a female audience, I focused on researching female orientated design. 

I researched into beauty and fashion brands, as well as graphic design and branding to see how femininity is being portrayed through design at the moment. By doing so it enabled me to come up with further concepts and ideas which can be built into this brief. It also helped me focus my idea on a very specific target audience, product placement and selling point, as well as clarifying concept.

Here I did a brainstorm focusing on designing for a female audience, considering elements such as colour, and stock.

I really liked this process due to it creating a train of thought. I found myself focused on packaging for the info pack, coming up with ideas as a solution. Much of the packaging and branding I found when researched was relevant to the beauty industry, fashion industry or confectionary industry.  The idea of fashion is key I believe into attracting the right audience using aesthetics, tone and information. I want to consider fashion and trends within graphic design. 

The idea of a shoe box sparked the idea of a package or present of some sort, which would appeal to a young female. This then led to the idea of a gift box, such as pamper boxes which are available. The idea of a present with different gifts and components is something which females enjoy and finding enticing. 

I can really see this idea taking and becoming a unique way of sharing information in regards to designing for print.

Further development of aesthetics and sales points for the gift pack. Here I considered extra additional items which can be included in the gift pack to appeal even more so to a female audience. The gifts included will be related to graphic design and print design, i.e. stock swatch books, acrylic paints and binder, inks, pens and size charts. I also considered binding, folding, processes and stocks etc which could be appropriate as well as an advanced colour palette of potential neutral, yet feminine colours.

Once I had a better idea of a concept I began thinking of names in regards to a name for the info-pack. I am aware that this may change with further development and critique/feedback, for initially I want a name to start designing and applying content around. 

I came up with the name "how to print like a girl" after discussing the concept with fellow students. The common used pun is often adapted to phrases such as "how to run like a girl" etc, and thought it was tounge-in-chic and appropriate for the target audience. 

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