Saturday, 12 October 2013


To begin the design process, I first needed to come up with an idea for my design for print information pack. Below is a brain storm of potential ideas, audiences and aesthetics etc which came to mind at first.

After I had brainstormed I chose to focus students such as myself as the audience, primarily females. I feel like at the moment the type of design for print I am interested in is slightly more niche than others with the introduction of digital collage appearing in much of my work. 

Below I looked further into concepts and ideas taking pieces from the notes scanned in above. This allowed me to go into more detail with my thoughts and ideas, allowing room for further development.

Below are some sketches of ideas which correlate to the audience and style described above. I will also be able to see pros and cons of different ideas in comparison to the details listed above. These are initial drawings and are not to be considered the final concept. This is still being worked on. 

Each of the ideas below are aimed at 16-25year old females. 

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