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Produce an approriately designed 'info-pack' of things to know, consider or remember in order to produce successful Design for Print. 
You should use the seminars and tasks from the module as a starting point for your own individual/independent investigation of the methods, processes and formats that can be used to create innovative but practical solutions to print based design briefs and all aspects of print- based delivery.

For submission and assessment you will also be required to select, summarise and evaluate appropriate primary & secondary source material and submit it in an appropriately designed and produce graphic format that reflects your cretaive and technical appreciation of graphic design.  
Your submission should demonstrate your understanding of print processes, conventions and creative options from the perspective of a graphic designer. It should also demonstrates your ability to effectively organise and present a body information in a designed format. 
As well as presenting your resolution you should  upload a multi page pdf version to your Design Practice & Design Context blog via 'Issuu'. 
Background and Considerations:
You are graphic designers, everything you produce should be designed, considered and effective. 
You need to be in complete control, even if it's carefully arranged to look casual! 
Don't ignore your knowledge of layout but expand upon it! The content should be ordered and informative with clear example of what you mean, the style your own, derived from the study of the work of other designers.

Commercial print processes are of concern to you especially as, at times, you will have to relinquish the hands –on production control of your work for a more specification/managerial role.
  • Your research will be informed by the seminars delivered as part of the module but how much more can you find out?

  • What do you need to know about print production and what is relevant to your own practice?

  • How do you communicate your research in a way that is reflective of your creative ambitions.

  • Your considered opinion is important. You should use appropriate examples of professional creative practice in order to demonstrate your breadth and depth of understanding.
Mandatory Requirements:

To show a good understanding of print through an ongoing investigation.

‘Chapters’ might include, colour conventions, inks, stock, format and others.

You will need to evidence research into:

  • Production Methods.
  • Stock considerations
  • Colour systems
  • Commercial costings
Your content should demonstrate an understanding of the audience, context, functions and uses of graphic design within the international graphic design indistries and broader creative industries.
Tagging of the categories is essential. Failure to organise your research effectively may loose you marks.


Postings to your Design Practice and Design Context blogs demonstrating your ongoing research and methodologies.

Clearly tagged mandatory research areas will be used for assessment.

An ISSUU document posted to your Design Practice blog  communicating the selected development of your response
The content, formatand scale of your resolution will be determined by what you have to say and how you organize it.
Create 3 design boards based on Concept, Content and Context.

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