Thursday, 10 October 2013


As there is a lot to consider and think about for this brief, prior to the design process, I have attempted to structure the first half of the brief, focusing on the research side into a list shown below. This is to allow an easier research process that can be worked through, allowing more focus and order.

1. Concept:

Produce an 'info-pack' of things to know for successful design for print.

I want to research into existing information packs and books relating to design for print to gain further contextual knowledge on the items being designed, as well allowing me to understand the brief and expectations further. This will allow me to gain a better understanding of potential audiences by looking at existing works, however as I am a student, I currently think focusing on an audience such as myself may be the best direction to take. However, research will help me make an informed decision.

I will carry out primary and secondary research for this before making a decision on a final idea and concept.

2. 'Chapters':

As there is a lot of information on design for print which needs to be portrayed through the design outcome, I will research each chapter to gain knowledge which can be applied to the design. 

The chapters potentially at present, are as follows:

- Format
- Colour Conventions
- Stock
- Inks
- Process
- Production
- Finishing/Binding
- Costings

By researching into each one individually I will be able to gain total understanding of design for print, which I can use for my own info-pack. 

3. Costings:

Even though costing is listed above, for the brief it is important to work out commercial costings for print as well as for a one off copy. It is important to consider stock, production, processes, etc whilst working out cost.

In order to do this I will use primary and secondary research, contact printers and suppliers for prices and visit printers/stock suppliers as well as using the college facilities. 

4. Research into Production of the info-pack:

Once an informed decision has been made regarding the design outcome of the brief, I will then research into relevant topics to help the design process, by looking at existing works, designers and other sources of inspiration and knowledge. 

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