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The survey was constructed using Survey Monkey and can be seen here

The survey was sent around both Leeds College of Art campus', to all Graphic Design students, including Foundation courses. In total I received 103 responses. 

The complete results of the survey can be seen below, and in my previous blog post. Using the data I will summarise my findings, and hopefully this will lead to a strong consensus from the responders, giving my brief and audience even more focus and consideration.  

1. Age:

The main respondents were aged between 16 and 23 years old. 

This fits in with the range I would like to target my info-pack at. 

2. Do you ever buy a book/publication because it looks aesthetically feminine?

63.3% of all respondents regardless of age, stated that they buy books and other such publications due to it's aesthetics being feminine. 

3. Do you own a print book?

56.1% of all respondents regardless of age stated that they do not own a print book.

I feel that their is a gap in the market for a print book, directed at a female audience. With 56.1% of respondents not owning a print book, I feel this is another positive which has come out of the survey.

4. Would you buy a print book aimed at a female audience?

39.4% of respondents stated that they would buy a print book aimed at females, whilst 34.3% stated that they weren't sure. 

5. What colours remind you of femininity?

The main colours which stand out dramatically in results are:

Pink - 70
Purple/Lilac - 38
Pastels - 34

I expected the responses shown above due to trends, fashion, editorial magazines and stereotypical colours. These were soon followed by:

Yellow/Lemon - 14
Red - 13
White - 13


Gold - 5
Silver - 6

6. What typography reminds you of femininity?

Once again the results were conclusive with strong findings. The results were again stereotypical, yet similar to the type shown in my secondary research on feminine graphic design.

Handwritten/Brush - 17
Cursive - 15
Serif - 10
Script - 9 
Italic - 7
Thin/Delicate - 6

7. What print finishes remind you of femininity?

56.1% stated that Embossing is a feminine print finish, whilst with 45.1% Foiling is also showing signs of being highly 'girly'. Screen Printing reminds 34.1% of the respondents of feminine graphic design.

I will use these findings for my info-pack, processes and inductions to gain more in depth knowledge.

8. Would you be interested in a print guide for a female audience?

35.4% of responses stated that they would be interested in a info-pack aimed at females. 

Overall, I think the survey proves conclusive that the concept, idea and target audience I want to aim my info-pack could be successful if designed and constructed correctly. To help keep appeal to my target audience, I will focus design and further idea development around these results as well as my secondary research. This can be found on my Design Context Blog.

9. How much would you want to spend on a print book?

With 73% of respondents stating they would spend 5-10 pounds on a print book, my original considered price of 25 pounds per pack wouldn't be achievable. I will re consider stock choices and processes to be used for the info-pack to ensure costs are kept down.

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