Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Part 1
Your Design for web brief is asking you to design a web site using existing material/content. Within this session you are being asked to identify the following:
  1.    What is your subject matter
  2.    What are you trying to communicate?
  3.    Who will be / could be your audience or ‘end-user’?
  4.    What will be the most appropriate / effective form of content?
  5.    What is the function & Purpose?
What ‘sector’ / Industry you would be designing for (For example):
  1.   Pharmaceutical
  2.   Health & Wellbeing
  3.   Sport & fitness
  4.   Music Industry
  5.   Travel & Tourism
You will be required to work within pairs or groups of 3. You will be required to make mind maps, linear plans and notes in order to reflect back on your blog to analyse the session. This should identify and provide a foundation to start researching and drawing up ideas.
- - - -
After a discussion with my partner Sean, I came up with a brainstorm which answers the first set of questions. This is shown below.
The sector I would place my website at this moment of time within is Educational or Informative.
1. My subject matter is Self-Promotional Strategies as a Graphic Designer
2. I am trying to communicate how students, professionals and established studios, promote their work, and gain work/popularity through the use of online websites/blogs/portfolios.
3. My audience/end-user will be students, young professionals or established studios.
4. The most appropriate form of content will be: 
- success stories
- benefits
- blog posts
- social and creative networking
- lists and tips, to do lists etc
- triggering questions
- events list
- take part in exhibitions, competitions etc
- self promotion strategies and methods
- contact list: live briefs, emails, blogs, websites, etc
5. The function and purpose of the website will be to inform, educate and inspire people towards self-promotion.
Part 2:
I am aiming to design and build a website targeted at graphic designers, to help with their individual self promotion. It will inform, educate and inspire the reader to become network friendly, via the likes of social and creative networking sites, and encourage designers to become proactive.
The website will feature different sections relating to different areas of self promotion strategies and will be updated on a regular basis.

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