Friday, 25 October 2013


Type Choices:

Above are the three typefaces chosen to use throughout the info pack. I have chosen Abril Fatface Regular due to it's cursiveness and femininity due to similarity in the body shape. My primary research results also pointed in the direction of serif fonts, or cursive fonts being considered such fonts. However, due to the boldness and classic style of both typefaces chosen I feel as though they appeal to both sexes. Baskerville was chosen due to a suggestion through primary research. I decided on this font after looking at around 20-30 other serifs. I particularly liked the cursiveness of the italicised font, which will be used as sub headers.

Colour and Stock:

Initially I have chosen a colour scheme of black, white and gold, with additional coloured stocks, such as lilac and grey. This is to add colour as well as be different. Gold is to be achieved via foiling methods. I want the colours to resemble current design, with a modern, classy tone with the introduction of gold, as well as being subtly feminine. I also decided not to include pink as one of the main colours as I didn't want to be overly stereotypical with the design. 

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