Friday, 25 October 2013


Once my survey results were analysed, I decided to initially start designing a simple logo which can be screen printed onto stock as an experimental piece, whilst also developing my skills further, and considering which fonts and type styles should be used throughout the info-pack.

The types of font shown, were chosen though the results of the online survey. Below are examples of scripted, serif, italic, rounded, thin/delicate, handwritten and brush fonts.

Mid-Design Decision Crit:

After a crit with Joe Harrison, Leo Simms and Bethany Dalzell, whilst taking into account the primary research received. I discussed using Detail Beta Regular with the headline "Print For Girls' as the general consensus was to use a handwritten or brush font. After discussion of which alternative, more feminine fonts could be used, it was decided not to use this font for the headline. This was due to the processes I wanted to use such as heat foiling, which wouldn't work well with the typeface chosen.

Collectively it was decided also to stick with 'print for girls' opposed to 'print like a girl' or 'how to print like a girl' which could of caused confusion with the audience, tone and meaning of the info pack. This forms a stronger basis for the concept, idea and typefaces used.

Baskerville and Baskerville Italic were chosen for body copy, sticking to a serif font as suggested through research also. I find the italic typeface very elegant, feminine and cursive.

I also chose to use Abril Fatface Regular for headers and headlines. This is a cursive and rounded font, and a similar font was suggested through my research results. 

I am happy with the 2 typefaces chosen as I felt these were feminine, smart and sleek, whilst also being formal. These fonts can also be used with many print processes and finishing processes such as foiling, screen printing and spot vanish which I couldn't of achieved with a brush script such as Detail Beta Regular.

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