Tuesday, 26 November 2013


After researching binding methods, I wanted to experiment with saddle stitching, as the booklets themselves aren't very big, or thick, the signatures work well with this type of binding.

To do this properly, I bought a 'clicker', binding needles and appropriate thread designed for such use.

I printed off one of the booklets designed for the pack, on various stocks relevant to the page, and trimmed and collated these.

I placed a 1cm apart dots along the left hand side, about 1cm in from edge. This was ruled out to allow for perfect holes to be punched through by the clicker.

This process was repeated on every page, as was the puncturing process, as shown below with use of the clicker. I was never aware of this tool before, and it surprised me how fast and simple it makes the process.

I began threading the string from the bottom underside of the page, being held in place by a knot to secure the pages. This then went through all the pages, to the underside, and back through itself, as shown below, to tie a knot after each loop. This I found secures the book even more, especially when using thinner weight stocks. I also found it difficult to use the clicker and pull the needle through the tracing paper cover without ripping the page or the hole slightly. I didn't mind this a suitable stock to bind with using this method.

Close up of saddle stitching.

Overall very successful for my first ever attempt at legit book binding!!

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