Thursday, 7 November 2013


Following my research and initial design ideas and development, I decided to experiment with foiling to see what print finishes can be given using this method.

I printed three different images using black toner, and then used gold and pink rose foil. 

I chose to use the laminator technique of foiling, opposed to the heat press for the time being, as I hadn't done either before, and had already exposed screens for paper print and spot varnish. This gave me a different variety of techniques to use, and due to the complexity of the foiling aesthetic I'd like to achieve this can be done faster and cheaper, allowing for more experimentation. 

I pre heated the laminator to 170 degrees, and placed the foil shiny-side up on top of the desired area to be foiled. This then goes through the laminator in a protective pouch.

The experiments are shown below:

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