Saturday, 23 November 2013


The format booklet will be a standalone booklet, which will be saddle stitched, in A5 portrait format. I originally had in mind an A3 poster scaled to show the dimensions of the ISO A series paper sizes, however felt this wasn't the best approach aesthetically, and would work better functionally as a booklet which can be carried around easily, held in the print pack easily, and most importantly be simple to understand, legible and readable.

I set out the illustrator document to A4, landscape, as this is the size of the booklet when open, and divided it in half using the line tool and the ruler guides. I continued this until the rectangles were too small to continue. 

The two feint dotted lines shown mid-left, mark American Legal and Letter paper sizes, in comparison to the mainly used A series. 

Sizes were placed in Baskerville, Italic.

I then added the most commonly used form of dimensions, mm.

At this stage I added the information gathered through research to the main page, following the same layout, and on the opposite page, added a table showing the mm sizes, for ease of use and comparison.

The same was applied to book sizes. Magenta highlights were added as a key, as well as being used for the dotted lines on the ISO paper size guide. This is also a very subtle hint of femininity.

I found the Legal and Letter lines very appealing when shown against a white background, and I decided to use the lines for the cover, as a slight hint of colour and subtle hint of topic with relevance to the title. The aesthetic still remains modern and simple.

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