Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Today I had an interim web crit, with around 10 other students, along with Amber and Simon to give feedback, guidance and any questions.

The content I am placing into the web site, is quite dry information, which I wanted to 'spice up' by adding a clean cut, modern, trendy aesthetic for current graphic designers. I went into the crit looking for information based on this.

I received honest and useful feedback:

- Simpler, consistent navigation on each page to allow easier navigation for the user.
- Bigger typeface throughout with less text. Adds boldness to dry statements, and makes facts stand out.
- Not as much bodycopy overall.
- Varying logo on each, as this can be changed easier than the whole navigation system.
- Consider the use of geometric shapes? Is it for a purpose? Does it have a meaning? or purely aesthetic.

From here, I plan on:

- Redesigning navigation system.
- Finalise Artwork.
- Finish research on extras such as scroll bars etc.
- Re draw wire frames to new sizes.
- Code website.

I feel as though these as achievable within the time remaining for this brief, and aim to finish before Christmas.

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