Saturday, 9 November 2013


Experimenting with Lino:

Even though lino printing wasn't said to be particularly feminine (in my survey results), it was something which I wanted to try and experiment with anyway. I bought 2 pieces of lino and decided to simply experiment with pattern and type to see which effects can be created, with a female print and colour. 

Below are photos of the lino being cut using the appropriate tools. 

Below shows the acrylic paint used, which was fluorescent pink, with a rollable surface and roller. Once I had inked a surface to apply ink evenly to the roller, I began to ink the pieces of lino one at a time. 

I also began to bring in different colour paints such as orange, yellow and white.

I really like the vibrancy of the prints with fluorescent inks. I repeated the inking process and printing process on various stocks in 2 different sizes, A4 and A6.

Experiment Books:

I didn't feel that lino printing gave the most polished, clean and feminine look, especially when different colours are mixed to achieve tones and gradients. At this time I couldn't place this type of print within the info-pack I would like to make, however I am happy I tried the printing process and experimented in it.

I put the experimental pieces into two different booklets which can be seen below. There is one for A5 and for A4.

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