Saturday, 16 November 2013


After peer feedback from Lorraine and fellow students, in regards to my concept and target audience, it was noticeable that my design idea was flawed slightly. The concept and idea behind a print info-pack targeted and designed at young females, was questioned and seen as more unisex with the combination of layout and colour which I had been using for my mock-ups and test pieces.

It was suggested that due to it being solely designed for 'girls' it could deter people from the product, for more recent social conventions of feminism and equality. Taking advice and feedback into consideration, I decided to rethink the audience, targeting both males and females instead. I am hoping this will create a modern, yet clean and simple design aesthetic, featuring feminine type choices for example, combined with solid masculine structure and form. 

I have changed the name simply to "Print Pack." briefly summarising the contents, without specifying a gender or particular stereotype allowing the product to speak for itself.

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