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Welcome to International Digital Art Contest 2013. This competition hosted by Markus Mueller - Digital Artist & Illustrator and his team of art directors, professional graphic designers and digital artists. Students, amateurs and professional artists take part in the competition.

Whether digital painting, composing, photo manipulation or 3D art, everything is welcome. Each participant can two artworks in digital form submit with a short description to each image. The participation fee is 5 USD or € 4. All persons over 18 years of age can participate. The contest starts on 29 June 2013 and ends on the 01.01.2014. The winners will be voted by a jury. 

1st Place: $ 1900 (1500€) 2nd Place: $ 700 (500€) 3rd Place: $ 300 (200€) 

All winners will receive an advertising package for a year on , and cash prizes. 

Start June 29, 2013  
Deadline January 01, 2014  
Winners will be notified by January 10, 2014

How to Submit:

Step 1
Send me an email at: with:
Full name
Your email address  
Short description of your images 
Two best Artworks
The images may not be greater than 900px on the largest side.

Step 2
Pay the fee of 5$.

Competition Submission:

Both pieces are submitted from my personal portfolio of design work which is continuously updated.

I chose this brief as it allows me to submit work showing my personal style of graphic design. I wanted to show these pieces to the world and hopefully gain recognition for the style of design I am most passionate about and driven towards.

1. Science 101

A digital collages, inspired by vintage emphemra, space and science. 
Designed to provoke thought and imagination of the scientific wonders of the world.

2. The Future of The 50s

Retro, vintage, digital collage inspired by the 50s pin up movement and the rise in sci-fi.
Photos taken from my personal collection - Zaragoza, Spain.

These were submitted digitally on the 17th November 2013.

It can be found on the competition gallery, via this link:

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