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Identify one brief which you intend to carry out, and answer the following questions in preparation for the next session.

What is the problem? What is the brief asking you to do? What is the brief trying to achieve? Who will benefit?
What is the message? Who is the audience? How will the message be delivered? Can you foresee any problems with this?
Why chosen? What do you want to get out of it? What do you want to do/make/propose in response? What do you need to do to make a proposal?
Chosen Brief:

Answered Questions:

1. What is the problem?

Street style, one of the biggest fashion trends of recent years. Today's 20something consumers are more inspired by the clothes they see on the street, celebrities and their peers, than catwalk trends.

ASOS wants you to imagine what's next after street style - how can 20something's present and share in an entirely new way?

2. What is the brief asking you to do?

Design a new digital platform for the next fashion craze, to share and present their fashion choices. It should be accessible to either unisex or a female 20something audience. It should be a global digital platform, with sharable social media channels, with e-commerce facilities.

Present your solution using a video, or up to 8 images.
Interactive work (working website etc) and text can also be applied.

3. What is the brief trying to achieve?

A new idea engaging with a future generation of 20something's globally, who are permanently connected and live on their digital devices.

4. Who will benefit?

Males/Females or solely Females globally, aged 20something with an interest in fashion, style and current/upcoming trends.

5. What is the message?

A new platform for sharing fashion trends and inspiration worldwide, as people are now more fashion-aware due to street style, rather than catwalks and seasons. Allows fashion and trends to be shared on a global basis.

6. Who is the audience?

Fashion-loving 20somethings who are price savvy, social and addicted to newness. They love style and to look and feel great, but they believe there is more to life than fashion.

7. How will the message be delivered?

Must be viewable on a smartphone (mock-up)
A 2 minute movie, or up to 8 JPEG images.
Interactive work - optional?

8. Can you foresee any problems with this?

Web design isn't my strongest point within design, but mock-ups digitally would be an acceptable alternative. I feel a video could be a problem without the right equipment, but I think if desired a video could be put together to back-up my submission.

This could be avoided by a collaboration.

9. Why chosen?

I feel as though this brief is perfect for me to complete and submit due to my passion for fashion, and previous studies of fashion marketing and branding, at Nottingham Trent which I feel will be invaluable for this brief. I also have contacts within the fashion industry and previous fashion institutions, which could also help with research and potential collaborations if i chose to do so for this brief. 

I have always been interested in graphic design for fashion, and this brief could really help me with my future career prospects and direction within design.

10. What do you want to get out of it?

I want to enhance my knowledge and design skills further with regards to design for fashion, as well as thinking of a more conceptual idea which I can design and potentially make into a interactive site for fashion lovers. I think this will be a challenging brief, but is something new to delve into and is a topic I am passionate about.

11. What do you want to do/make/propose in response?

I need to thoroughly research the brand, its background and it's competitors. I also need to carry out primary and secondary research, as well as proposing ideas for a solution to ASOS' problem, whilst ensuring it is fitting for the audience and purpose.

I want to make an interactive platform, for all digital bases, whilst sharing new, current and upcoming trends from the street world-wide encouraging future trends and design.

12. What do you need to make a proposal?

Produce a clear summary of your response to the brief with reasoning behind your decision-making and outcome.
Research References
Mood Boards
Present a clear understanding of the proposed user experience
Video/Up to 8 JPEG images.

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