Friday, 8 November 2013


The Ideas:

Below are the design ideas and development for a simple, to the point stock swatch book. The designs below have been developed from the initial designs shown earlier on my blog, for the over view of the info-packs content.

Here is the development of the final idea which was to go into production for the pack. The drawing shows all the design elements of the book, as well as the binding methods and reasonings for my design decisions. 

I considered writing over the logo on the front cover with handwritten script, stating "swatch book" to clarify the purpose of the booklet, however I feel it is relatively understandable and could perhaps ruin the aesthetic of the foiling.

Binding Experiment with Binding Tape:

I tried binding the paper at A6 portrait format to see which binding method gave a cleaner and better finish. I felt the binding tape wasn't secure and didn't look as aesthetically appealing or feminine as the 2-part fasteners. I also think that this type of binding would suit a booklet with much fewer pages and perhaps more colour.


Initially I cut out approximately 100 samples of stock, all to A5 dimensions. The samples varied in colour and shade, as well as the type and finish of the stock, i.e. coated and uncoated.

Above is the cover which was produced after experimenting with foils. I felt gold stood out against the white stock, and oozes femininity due to the rounded, serif typeface chosen - Abril Fat.

Once I had used a hole puncher to achieve holes in the same position for binding, I used the above tool shown, a perforator to indent the paper. 

Each page was marked where the perforation should be to ensure continuity. 

Once each page had been perforated, aside the mount board back and cover, in order of colour, each page was placed over the metal bars. Once all the pages and the cover had been added in order, the metal plate was placed on top and secured. I really like this type of binding. It is cheap, easy to use, aesthetically modern and pleasing, as well as having the ability to hold many pages.

Contrast in binding methods are shown vastly here.

Final Book:

I am really happy the final product. I feel it is very aesthetically clean and feminine,  especially with the foiled cover.

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