Wednesday, 13 November 2013



After designing and developing the typography booklet, I printed it out using indesign, and applied foiling and binding, to produce a mock-up of the guide.

The booklet is printed on 120gsm white silk stock. I used a duplex laser printer, to ensure the black body copy was printed with toner opposed to ink, so it can be used to foil.

I then cut down each page to size, and applied the foiling, using a heated laminator, which gives good results on such small body copy.

I am pleased with the overall outcome, however whilst foiling the toner transferred onto the plastic pouch, perhaps due to the stock, and then was imprinted onto other pages. 

This can be fixed by covering each side with a piece of blank paper, changing it each time to avoid any additional black marks. This was found out half way through the foiling process, which I then rectified for the following pages. 

I feel the outcome is feminine in a subtle way, without requiring bold colours, or stereotypical feminine design. The overall design looks smart and clean, however minor changes such as margin widths need to be adjusted, and additional pages on colour type need inserting before binding.

The classy look of gold, white and black have solidified the colour scheme chosen for the remainder of this brief.

Further Development:

The alterations mentioned above such as width can all be seen below.

Rather than having a header, then an indented start to the columns with body copy, I aligned all of these to the left instead to even out margin space and padding space for printing. This will make each page look more balanced.

I also changed the triangles to vertical, thin lines to show more contrast, and improve the readers perception of the description also given.

Between typographic colour and font size, I would like to insert a piece of thick tracing paper, or other translucent stock showing other colours which body copy/text can be printed with.

This is to be re-printed on the same stock, and foiled and bound again for final submission, with any future alterations added.

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