Monday, 30 December 2013



Kraft Paper                     £0.56
Bulky Newsprint          £1.20
Thick Tracing Paper    £0.40
Vinyl                              £3.00
Mountboard                  £0.75

Total: £5.91, per set of printed elements (entire project).

For example, 100 menu's are printed, along with stationary, business cards etc, at £5.91each, this would cost just short of £600 to hand produce, plus inks.

Therefore if mass produced by a printers this would be a much more efficient and less time consuming manner of producing such quantities even for a small restaurant. Buying stocks in bulk will also reduce the mark-up costs. 

This is an outlay cost and has to be put forward, incurring a loss straight away for the company, but one which will not need to be replaced after ever cover, as seen in the first proposed concept. This again reinforces the costs, environmental concerns and need for small bath or mass production.

Inks and Binding:

Due to using my own inks at home, and binding equipment it is hard to work out how much additional costs this would incur.

This would be proposed by the printers before ordering.

Saturday, 21 December 2013


The same principles and information from the Facebook page, has also been added to a newly created Parentheses Twitter account. On both the Facebook and Twitter pages are links to the other social media site also, adding extra publicity and free advertising.

Imagery can be seen below.

Friday, 20 December 2013


For the ISTD brief, I wanted to expand further, and develop the social network links, which are shown via the web stills. I feel social networking is a very important tool for any business in the modern world, and is taking advice and promotional methods, which other established restaurants and bars currently use. 

Social Networking for Parentheses, via Facebook & Twitter, has many benefits:

1. Promotion - Can be seen by millions of people nationally and internationally
2. Offers/Deals can be promoted via tweets, Facebook posts etc
3. Photos
4. Location
5. Links to webpage - useful for those who have stumbled onto the Facebook page, for example and want to know more
6. Both can be updated on a daily basis, without the need for re-doing a webpage
7. They are both free!
8. One of the most common methods of advertising at the moment
9. Feedback and reviews can be left
10. Links to other Social Networking sites such as Twitter for more publicity and free advertising 

Below shows imagery from the Facebook page proposed:

Can be edited as admin.
Link and web address shown below.

Recent updates on my homepage, and of members of the page, which will expand over time with promotion and advertising.

Facebook Page.

Photo albums including:

-mock ups
-interior and exterior

Twitter link added to timeline!

Thursday, 19 December 2013



Following my previous posts regarding the web aspects of the Parentheses Bar and Grill, I have finalised the design for the mock up website, which I would propose along with the menu and branding, etc. Below shows the 4 pages, with easy navigation and use for the viewer. 

I would also propose the website to be fully responsive, so it can be adapted to smart phones and tablets.


Today I visited Sydney Beaumont in Leeds, as stated on a previous post. I hadn't realised the popularity and vast range of vinyls available. I asked if I was allowed to have a wonder around and take a couple of photos. These are shown below.

Whilst I was there, I asked questions regarding if they vinyl cut there, and they explained they don't due to the software and the range of clients which visit there trade store.

Below shows the plotter and the process in which a blade cuts the vinyl, allowing them to be peeled off, in the same way as stickers. This can be done with masking tape or transfer film.  

Above are my logos for the Parentheses Bar & Grill being printed on Ritrama black, gloss, self-adhesive vinyl. Below shows holographic vinyl I purchased for experiments and personal use. Couldn't resist the magnificence of it.

I experimented with this vinyl before using the black for my final design pieces. The experimental piece is shown below.

& could potentially also be and is used for fashion..

Whilst I was talking to the staff at Sydney Beaumont, I enquired about the vast range and types of vinyls  available, and gave me a Pantone-style Ritrama Vinyl Swatch Book, and 4 sheets with samples and stock numbers/names.

Aslan, special vinyl range. 

Decorex Special Vinyl

Opaque matt and gloss vinyls shown above. 

All my freebies are shown below, and invaluable for primary research & future use!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Web scamps and ideas for the website proposal. From these designs I also want to design a verson which is suitable for smartphones and tablets. The notes on the sketches show features such as changing imagery, interactive online booking, downloadable pdf menu's and rollovers and drop down menus.

Web Proposal:

For the web proposal, I will split this into two separate proposals – one for a website, and the second, for tablets and smart phones.


The website proposed has 5 pages in total, and features very simple navigation which can be seen in the mock-ups and web scamps supporting the proposition.

The first page would be a landing page, simply showing the logo and an ‘enter’ button underneath, directing the user to the homepage. I feel the website should be interactive and this adds an extra aesthetic and interactive element.

The homepage will feature the logo at the top, in central position, which when hovered over a drop down menu will appear with links to three following pages, food & drinks, book online and contact.

The homepage will also feature changing imagery on a slider in the background, showing exterior, interior, food and drinks.

The food and drinks page, will feature imagery, an introductory paragraph and downloadable pdf menus.

The book online page will give the viewer the option to book online or call up and book.

The contact page will feature imagery, contact details and location.

Tablets and Smartphones:

The same website as above is to be proposed, as a fully responsive site fitting to any tablet or smartphone.

It is also proposed that the user can zoom in and out, whilst the website will be responsive in orientation to enable more clarity with pages such as booking online.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Below are the vinyl stickers which have been designed to print on black final. Once the type was finalised, outlines for the entire document were made. Various logos have been placed on an A3 sheet with set sizes and dimensions. Stickers for two sets of algebraic coasters have also been designed and can be seen at the top. This addition has been mentioned in previous posts.

As James don't have any black vinyl until early Jan '14, which would be too late for my deadline, I have been told to visit Sydney Beaumont to purchase my own vinyl stock for print. This also means I can visit the warehouse. This is situated in the LS11 area of Leeds. I plan to visit on this Thursday approaching; the 19th of December.

Sydney Beaumont (Leeds) Ltd

Distributors of Self-Adhesive Vinyls, Sheets, Rolls, 
Double Sided Tapes, and Digital Printable Vinyls

Sydney Beaumont (Leeds) Ltd specialise in the distribution of Self-Adhesive Vinyls, Sheets, Rolls, Double Sided Tapes, and Digital Printable Vinyls, to the sign and display industry.
Our arena-sized showroom laid out with full rolls of vinyls and other products allows our customers to browse an eclectic stock that includes self-adhesive vinyls and polyesters, metallics, fluorescents, reflective, luminescent and etched glass films.
We also have a range of double-sided tapes including foam tapes and Velcro, rigid pvc’s, high impact polystyrene, Correx fluted sheet, magnetic sheet and tape, white display boards, foam centred boards, coloured mount boards, Day-Glo fluorescent papers and boards, and showcard struts.
Our showroom also has a Graphtec plotter on permanent demonstration.
If you are looking for self-adhesive vinyls, tapes and adhesives, papers and boards and plastics suppliers then please call us today.

- - - -

Vinyl Stickers to Print:


Outlines created for vinyl cutting.