Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Once I had the branding and identity sorted, for the restaurant and the menu put together, I wanted to visualise the location, the aesthetic, the signage and the other details which make a restaurant function.

For the printed material, I have:

2 Menu's - Food and Drinks
Business Card
Drinks Coasters
Vinyl Stickers for Product Photography
Table Mats

Possibly product packaging of items sold within the bar and grill, however this will be designed if time permitting. 

Interior and Exterior:

For the interior and exterior, I have found imagery within my research which fits the aesthetic that the menu design and concept has led too. Below shows the mocked up exterior and signage. I felt the aesthetic of the printed materials and the stock choices used, helped to identity a suitable interior and exterior design. I feel the imagery used reflects the relaxed atmosphere, as well as its quirkiness, formality, style, food, target age and vintage, rustic aesthetic.

Proposed V-Board for outside the restaurant during opening hours. Very common within the restaurant industry. Could feature specials, opening times as shown, website links, social network links etc. The wooden frame is proposed to have the algebra print used throughout with vinyl for aesthetic, and then changeable boards for the front and back. Due to time and skills needed I am unable to make my own! It would also be unsuitable for hand in, and better as a proposed idea.

I have mocked up the interior design also, giving a feel for what it will be like inside. I have placed type on the walls, one as an equation shown on all the menus etc, whilst on the window wall added the algebra as a  feature wall. This could be made out of wallpaper, which could be specially printed, or created using vinyl stickers. This would be the easiest, quickest and cheapest possible option to do so throughout the restaurant. I feel the use of natural light is important, and the rustic, worn down aesthetic feels vintage but contemporary, which is reflected within the printed and web based materials.

Spin-Off Branded Products:

Condiment holder - stainless steel. I would also envision one of these for cutlery too, with the (p)2 logo. This would be printed onto vinyl and transferred to the substrate. This would also be done for the two jam jar glasses shown below. I thought using the same print would be continuing the use in the menus, coasters etc and add a different, quirky appeal opposed to just using the logo all the time. This would also be a conversation point for the drinker - how unusual are mathematical, algebra equation jam jar glasses?? Fabulous!

Printed napkins - preferably cloth napkins so they can be washed and re-used, to save printing costs and to be more eco-friendly.

Chalk boards proposed to show specials - can be moved around new tables when ordering, like in the way condiments are, to save the need for 30 + tables. Only around 10 would be needed of each, and one big chalk board could also be placed near the bar area or entrance also for extra clarification.

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