Wednesday, 4 December 2013


After further mind maps, on the print theme of British Festivals, I wanted to try and finalise a concept which I can present during session tomorrow to a group of peers. I want the theme to be new and fresh for Cath Kidston, however still in keeping with the brands existing products, and aesthetic style.


A conversational print theme, based on British Festivals, with emphasis on the conversational topic of weather, and the associated festival items. I want to include pattern and colour into the print. I have chosen this theme as it hasn't be used before for a conversational print, nor for Cath Kidston. It also gives a talking point for more than one topic. 

The idea of a festival based print is relevant to the target audience, a female 29 year old, and would relate to the print designed, in a light hearted manner. With the target audience being style conscious and swayed by vintage and crafts, it is important for the print to be aesthetic in that sense also. This can be achieved through colour, detail and pattern.

I listed several items which I feel are suitable for the print. 


Wellies (illustrated in different patterns, etc)
Umbrellas (illustrated in different patterns, themed around weather)
Vintage Tee-Pee Tent
Wine Bottles?
Grass, Fire (campsite)
Ice Cream
Weather - Rain and Sunshine

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