Monday, 16 December 2013



Kraft Paper              56p
Bulky Newsprint   £1.20
Mountboard           £1.50
Foils                        £3.00


Large Brown Bags, x 20         £2.50/0.25p each


Book Binding Equipment     £6.00
Screen Printing                        £4.50
Paints                                         n/a
Ink                                              n/a
Spray Mount                            £7.00

Total cost for one off production: £26.26

If printed in mass production the cost would be massively reduced as the materials, stocks etc purchased are enough for several copies. It would be even cheaper to have this mass produced in industry to get the lowest prices at the largest scale possible.

For one, one off print pack it would cost £26.26 to make. Based on 20 packs, sold at £10 each, which is what the survey and target audience stated they would spend at the most, would allow a £3.61 profit per pack, meaning 20 need to be sold to break even.

Small batch production, or mass production using whole sale stocks and materials would reduce the costs considerably if sold on a larger scale i.e. in stores, whilst on Etsy the seller could charge slightly higher prices for a bespoke pack/gift to reduce over heads.

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