Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Today Phil and Lorraine arranged our final crit for the print brief in a way, where we were divided into two groups, and one group gave constructive feedback on the other groups work to do, and vice versa. 

We were asked to leave written questions to focus feedback.

The three questions I left were:

1. Which packaging design for the gifts, do you think is the most suitable and why? (designs shown below as displayed in crit).
2. 5 words that come to mind about the print pack?
3. Could anything be done to improve the print pack, other than finish packaging?

The feedback received by group a, is shown below. I found the crit very beneficial in regards to the questions about packaging in particular as this is my focus at the moment with this brief. The consensus from the written feedback was to go with packaging number 1, for some reasons I hand't thought of myself such as being durable and used constantly, however I am questioning the main packaging at this stage now also due to the feedback as it isn't robust enough to keep long term.

I also received feedback to re-print and foil the stock book info insert, which I will take action with and produce for the hand in. Lorraine also suggested using the heat press for large blocks of foiling but due to time and costs, I do not think it is a viable option at this late stage as well as the re-designing, preparing, exposing and printing/foiling time taken.

Overall I found the crit useful, however not as useful as other crits have been at earlier stages, seeing as my pack was presented very close to competition.

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