Tuesday, 10 December 2013



I have used the most common algebraic equation for the business cards, and would like to do a further set with a different equation so they can act as a puzzle to be worked out by the customer. Adds fun and playfulness to the concept also.

Printed onto newsprint, then glued onto mountboard with the printed image on the reverse, shown below. Coasters were then cut to size, 9.2cm x 9.2cm. This is the standard size.

Glued reverse of printed kraft paper, with coaster shown to the right.

Completed first set of coasters, forming a completed equation. On the reverse is the algebra print on kraft paper.
I am considering either embossing these or re-doing them with vinyl stickers on the top to add more tone however I do like the simple design and print which has been chosen throughout, using stock and finish as a form of change rather than process.

Business Cards:

The business cards were designed to the dimensions of 85mm x 55mm. This is the standard uk size and wanted to keep to that standard.

Simple, to the point.

Logo, Address, Phone Number.

To be printed on bulky newsprint.

The business cards were tri-plexed, with mount board being used first, with cut to size, and glued to a piece of kraft paper on either side. This was again cute to size and then the printed newsprint was placed on top leaving the finished, sturdy, strong business card. Three colours can be seen up close when the business card is viewed as shown above.


I applied a very simple design to the letter head, simply featuring the logo and contact details. I added two horizontal lines to break up the page and to act as a border for the content. This will be printed on newsprint, and come with a kraft paper envelope.

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