Monday, 16 December 2013


After the crit, I was advised to alter the grid system, and colour of the hyperlinks. I looked at the grid-ding structure and noted that the options available were to re-do the html/css for the 4 text boxes made, or alter the text and alignment of the existing body copy. With a short space of time left, before hand in and other OUGD504 briefs to complete, I decided to alter the text and alignment, opposed to re-coding as I didn't find it an easy process initially, and feel the content given in the website is needed to be given in sections, or different parts as the website looks exactly as the scamps, dimensions and wire frames shown. I also attempted several times to change the colour of the hyperlinks, however after failing and failing at trying to alter this I decided to keep them as they are - the default dreamweaver colour. If the website was to be live and hosted with a domain, I would look into changing these and inserting an image gallery perhaps as an additional feature, and a blog relating to the twitter feed, success' and recent events etc. I would also propose the website to be full responsive so it can be seen on smart phones and tablets also. 

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