Tuesday, 10 December 2013


I received three pieces of feedback from the crit today which I didn't feel were overly constructive. I was left more confused, and unsure which peer to speak to regarding the feedback. 

The feedback left is in regular type, and my thoughts, actions to take and justifications are shown below in italic.

1. Links in blue, not too aesthetic
Can be changed to an alternate colour simply enough.
2. Overly gridded content in facts and strategy section
Not sure to what overly gridded means.
3. Links very useful but could be more visually exciting
Rollovers could potentially change colour as well as turning bold, however wanted to keep the site monochrome if possible to appeal to any audience, age and gender.
4. Tip of the day doesn't need to just be tweets from you
If live the tweets shown would be ones retweeted from agencies, print fairs and conferences, etc. This has already been considered, and is why a twitter feed has been added opposed to manually changing the tip on a daily basis through html.
5. Why is the facts section just about Behance?
Because Behance was the focus of my research and the main platform being promoted.
6. Easy to navigate but content overly gridded and hard to absorb
Again unsure of overly gridded, however the text could be broken up more into smaller, more digestible sections.

1. I feel the site is highly informative and would be very useful be very useful for people looking to self promote
2. The navigation is really clear and easy to use.
3. As it is very textual it can be hard to engage with the page
4. Overall a very informative and functional site
Overall quite positive feedback, again content amount mentioned so this could do to be altered/reduced. I am happy that it seems to be useful and that it could be used and work if it went live.

1. Good navigation in terms of content
2. Navigation is easy but content is sometimes difficult to decipher because of the grids
3. Focus is clear and easy to understand
Again overall positive, any criticisms brought up have already been mentioned from previous feedback listed above.

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