Thursday, 5 December 2013


At this stage, I need to decide on a final concept for the brief, so the design elements can be worked on, allowing for sufficient time to consider what I can do and will do, and what I will propose could be done. Struggling to finalise a concept, because I couldn't decide which idea to run with.

I was more keen on the aesthetics and fun side of Pick and Mix, but love the concept of Parenthesis. Whilst researching restaurant interiors I was also more swayed by artisanal, eclectic design and type. I decided to merge the two ideas together, which can be clarified by reading my proposal. 

I asked fellow students about each concept separately and combined together, and 5/6 stated they would prefer a British restaurant and bar, with a quirky, eclectic and comfortable vibe, opposed to a sweet based restaurant, as the point was raised that not everyone has a sweet tooth, per say, however, and savoury based restaurants always gain better business from a specific demographic throughout the year. Desserts are also a more seasonal based product, for example ice cream sells much better in the summer. 

Below are two mind maps showing the correlation process.

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