Friday, 6 December 2013


For the ISTD brief, I have chosen to develop a proposal for the Mutton Quad brief, which requires a concept for a typographically themed restaurant to be researched and visualized.

Restaurants remain appealing to various target markets, depending on the type of restaurant, its food and drinks on offer and it’s hospitable environment. There are many, many variations of restaurants nationally, and internationally. Some are chains, some are franchises and some are privately owned establishments. Regardless of the type of restaurant, each has it’s own qualities, pros, cons, aesthetics, service standards and branding and identity which draws in and attracts customers.

Overtime restaurants have become more of a ‘dining experience’, rather than outlet for food. What used to be a one off, purely eating and drinking occasion, has turned into a social event, whereby meals now act as business meetings, girly catch-ups, guy-dates, family dinners, friendly social events and first dates for every demographic. This social change has been due to the changes in society, and the catering and hospitality industry have more recently tried to adapt to this change, by introducing new eateries and bars where, they serve as multi-purpose locations for the local population to relax and enjoy themselves.

Taking this into consideration, I have researched into existing restaurants and their branding, identities and type of restaurant to gage where there is a gap in the market, for a new restaurant, based around the idea of type. Primary research has been carried out by visiting my current place of work, American Italian restaurant, Frankie and Benny’s, analyzing their clientele and branding, whilst secondary research has been carried out, leaving room for concept and idea development.

To further my research, I also plan on visiting private restaurants and shops to gain ideas for further visuals, for the interior and exterior, whilst looking deeper into branding of previous restaurants.

The idea and concept for the restaurant and bar, to be called Parenthesis, has been derived from two different ideas – Parentheses and the idea of a Pick and Mix restaurant. The concept for the restaurant and bar itself has come from the first idea, whilst the aesthetics, interiors, exteriors and visuals have been influenced by the artisanal, second idea.

I am proposing to brand a British restaurant and bar, which follows a theme of Parenthesis, whereby everything is an after thought. This is to be shown through Parenthesis, which is the act of giving additional information, to enhance an experience. This was derived from the act of Parentheses – inserting information into brackets. This is a typographic concept that the branding, identity and menu can all follow in an aesthetically pleasing, and conceptual manner if executed to a high level. Humour, playful and tongue-in-chic comments can also be added by using Parenthesis.

I decided to choose a British menu-based restaurant, as there is a gap in the market, for comforting British food, especially for a younger audience, where by going out for a meal causes excitement, a feeling of homeliness, and style.

To be original, along with the unique concept, the interiors and exteriors will be a combination of vintage, eclectic, warm, rustic, and comfortable, with sofas, chandeliers, candles, mix and match style furniture and chairs, all again in keeping with the idea of an afterthought, creating a homely, cozy, and comfortable environment for guests to relax and enjoy.

The restaurant and bar proposed, is to be for the demographic of 18-35 year olds, whether they be students, graduates or young professionals. It is intended to be a comfortable space, to work, relax, read, eat and drink, as well as catch up with friends, colleagues or family members.

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