Sunday, 8 December 2013


The logo development for the Parentheses branding and identity, will be focused to the definition of the term. 
I originally drew out various options for titles/logo, which can be seen below. 

parenthesis |pəˈrenTHəsis|noun ( pl. parentheses |-ˌsēz| )a word, clause, or sentence inserted as an explanation orafterthought into a passage that is grammatically complete without it, in writing usually marked off by curved brackets, dashes, or commas.• (usu. parenthesesone or both of a pair of marks () used to include such a word, clause, or sentence.• an interlude or interval: the three months of coalition government were a lamentable political parenthesis.PHRASESin parenthesis as a digression or afterthought.ORIGIN mid 16th cent.via late Latin from Greek, fromparentithenai put in beside.

BRACKETS & MATHS (Parentheses)

Brackets are symbols used in pairs to group things together.
In Algebra things inside brackets are placed as you do them - the order of operations. This can be seen in the screenshots below. 

Below shows the design process of the logo for Parentheses. I started off looking at various eclectic fonts, which are seen as artisanal and 'different'. 

Below is a mix and match style typeface, which I experimented with in different shades of blue. I experimented with this, due to the idea of the aesthetics of the interior etc. However I really didn't like the typeface chosen below and thought it looked cheap, and not at all relevant to my target audience.  I felt as though the meaning of Parentheses wasn't portrayed well using the typeface shown below.

More experiments above with various typefaces - above. I tried different illustrative typefaces, again in various colours. I also tried putting brackets into the equation so to speak, to create a mathematical feel.

Above and below I used a drawing tablet, to come up with hand rendered variations for the logo and typeface used. I didn't particularly like the outcome but liked the hand drawn aesthetic. This inspired me to try the various written equations, using maths style equations, which could work out to be the equation for a meal! This is to be further developed for further menu ideas, where by the order is written as an equation.

From looking at the previous design ideas shown above, I developed the following series of ideas using the typeface Baskerville. I used this typeface due to the cleanness and simplicity of it, as well as being classy in Italic. I also really love the ampersand in Italic, compared to the regular ampersand.

I chosen the colours below (Pantone) to add a comforting, relaxing vibe, as well as choosing British, organic, rich colours.

Hand rendered elements have been added below to add a mathematical concept. 

Additional information added. 

The top left logo has been chosen to work with at the moment. It has been chosen due to its simple, clean and quality aesthetic as well as looking smart, clinical and mathematical.

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