Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Once the menu had been redesigned, as seen a previous post, I designed a menu cover, which would be printed at A3 landscape format, and folded in half to A4 portrait to wrap around the contents. I only added information to the right hand side so when printed this was facing the reader as the cover.

I then printed this onto kraft paper, which had been cut down to A3 size previously. The stocks used - kraft paper and bulky newsprint can be seen below. I really liked the quality and vintage element the paper added to the print, and wanted to experiment more with this stock throughout this brief.

As well as experimenting with kraft paper, I also experimented with printing on 63gsm tracing paper, to see what the outcome was like, and to see if this could somehow be used as a divider for the sections within the menus. A divider shown above, and the algebra print can be seen above and below. With the image above, I particularly liked how the logo and 'drinks' element remained translucent  so I repeated this process for the food menu. I found I had to be careful when handling the printed tracing paper, as it didn't dry quickly so had to be left for several hours to dry. With the amount of black ink used, occasional;y it can smudge or rub off however I think this adds to the aged aesthetic and doesn't deter from the design or concept.

Printing experiments with tracing paper and kraft paper.

I had considered different types of binding for the menus, and was originally going to use metal 2 part fasteners in a folder-type holder, however due to the change in menu aesthetic and concept, I chose stock, style and decided to hand stitch them after enjoying this for studio brief 1, however wanted to experiment using a more minimal, cleaner type of stitch. This process can be seen below using the tools shown above.

Close up of stitching alongside coasters and business cards - above and below.

Bound and collated menus.

Order: Cover, Divider, Menu, Aesthetic Filler.

Overview of printed materials to date - 2 x menu, letterhead, 3 x drinks coasters and 1 business card.

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