Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Find errors in an InDesign document designed for print:

Group Work - Sam Cook & Dan Everitt

- - - 

Background doesn't go to the bleed line.

The Tree link is missing - this can be rectified by relinking the file under the links palette. Double click red circle to open files for re linking.

The background colour on the cover doesn't fit to the bleed - stretch it to fit.

2 extra pantone swatch colours being used - get rid of them before being saved to print. Colours seen through separations preview (Window > Output > Separation Preview.

1 blue was RGB. R=112 G=176 B=220 NOT CMYK.Colour mode can be changed by double clicking the colour icon, and swapping the mode to CMYK. Some slight colour change may be noticeable.

Imagery of yellow bird is 72dpi not 300dpi. Not enough info for the image resolution to be resized and enlarged.

Full colour bird is RGB, not CMYK (3rd small image down) - can be changed and checked in CMYK, as well as checking Gamut before conversion.

Image is scaled and has a resolution that is too high. This can be fixed in Photoshop, and will automatically update in InDesign. 

Last colour is registration not black on the website link. Text can be changed through looking at swatches and seen through the 'view' button shown in the separations preview.

Colour can be applied to greyscale images in photoshop, saved as a TIFF file. A spot colour can then be added in InDesign. Alternative way of adding colour.

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