Monday, 16 December 2013


In a previous crit it was suggested that I should change the logo to foiled gold, whilst the other half of the feedback suggested to keep the pink. Personally I preferred the pink and orange contrasted with the brown paper, and due to timing wouldn't of been possible to heat press the foil, as I didn't have time to expose a fabric screen and complete the process. 

Original Packaging

I needed to make a box to hold the paints, however whilst creating the box, I decided to have a box to hold all the contents. I found the bag too big the contents and not sturdy enough. It also is hard to store as I have found out myself, and would be more functional and practical in a concealed box. I decided rather than putting the screen printed bag to waste, I would alter it to fit around the box as a supportive belly band.

Revised Net

Revised Packaging

I feel as though the new packaging is much more appropriate for durability, sturdiness, use and practicability, as well as being much easier to hand, hold and store!

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