Friday, 20 December 2013


For the ISTD brief, I wanted to expand further, and develop the social network links, which are shown via the web stills. I feel social networking is a very important tool for any business in the modern world, and is taking advice and promotional methods, which other established restaurants and bars currently use. 

Social Networking for Parentheses, via Facebook & Twitter, has many benefits:

1. Promotion - Can be seen by millions of people nationally and internationally
2. Offers/Deals can be promoted via tweets, Facebook posts etc
3. Photos
4. Location
5. Links to webpage - useful for those who have stumbled onto the Facebook page, for example and want to know more
6. Both can be updated on a daily basis, without the need for re-doing a webpage
7. They are both free!
8. One of the most common methods of advertising at the moment
9. Feedback and reviews can be left
10. Links to other Social Networking sites such as Twitter for more publicity and free advertising 

Below shows imagery from the Facebook page proposed:

Can be edited as admin.
Link and web address shown below.

Recent updates on my homepage, and of members of the page, which will expand over time with promotion and advertising.

Facebook Page.

Photo albums including:

-mock ups
-interior and exterior

Twitter link added to timeline!

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