Monday, 9 December 2013


Final imagery of the second menu design, focused on the idea of a meal being an equation, opposed to just an order. This is reflected through parenthesis, and the idea of algebra. This becomes mainly apparent through the labelling system of each individual item a-x, which is the same for the drinks. Leaving the remaining concept of (a)2 + (b)2 = c2, which I have translated into (food)2 + (drinks)2 = p2 for Parenthesis. The equation is written on the bottom of the menu as well as coming to life on the bill/receipt, where the order is also noted by the server, in mathematical terms, simplifying the menu for both the server and the guest. 

I have chosen kraft paper, and bulky newsprint. (Reasonings on stock selection can be seen on the following blog post.)

I have moved the drinks on to their own menu, to ensure that the concept works in all areas of the restaurant/bar.

Receipt, which forms an equation to be worked out. Potentially will feature a 'PAID' stamp.

Letterhead. (somehow managed to save itself in a darker colour - sorry!)

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