Sunday, 8 December 2013


Menu Concept #1:

An accumulation of the idea of an afterthought and the use of parentheticals in a mathematical concept. I have designed the first menu to be interactive and easy for the user, as well as being self explanatory. 

The idea was derived from being a waitress myself, and how sometimes orders can be complicated with specific customers, if ordering something slightly modified or not to spec. Hence the 'write here' boxes in hand rendered brackets. 

The menu is designed to be filled in by each cover (guest), then handed in at the bar/to the server, where the order is processed by the staff, and the payment is made by the customer. It is designed to simplify the dining experience as well as allowing the concept to be pushed in different directions.

It would be printed on thick white card, 120gsm, to add a polished finish, whilst keeping the attention on the concept opposed to the stock. However, this could be expensive depending on daily covers, and the size of the restaurant.

I carried out a mini crit today with Sam Cook, Abbas Mushtaq, Sean Connolly, Joel Burden and Ross Francis, as well as asking Simon Harrison his opinion. I asked one simple question to each person - "does the menu and the concept work?". Feedback and plan of action can be seen below.


- Too much going on
- Strong concept and works well
- Maybe no hand rendered elements as the menu/logo is quite classy, smart.
- Play with idea of algebra more
- Take away idea with maths, letters and numbers - each order is a different equation. Could speed up order process for server and kitchen.
- Experiment with carbon paper (writing goes through to 2 additional pages, such as invoice and receipt book)
- Add definition to cover of menu?
- Takes away the need of a server
- Would use ridiculous amounts of paper every day being filled in by each guest, e.g. 8 pages for 4 covers (2 pages per menu), which is one table. Not very eco-friendly, unless recycled. Would be better to have reusable menus
- Let the concept drive the presentation of the designs

Action Plan:

- Experiment with algebra concept menu 
- Look into carbon papers
- Think over concept carefully and we work menu #1 to the feedback above
- I realised not to look into presentation and interior/exterior design etc until the concept based menu is completed as this will inform the design, opposed to designing the menu to that, which is where I had initially gone wrong.

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