Sunday, 8 December 2013


Below shows the development of the menu design, relating to the idea of parentheses. The design aesthetic and layout has been derived from my design sheets. 

Format, A4, Portait.

The majority of the page was split into two columns, using rulers and guides. Headers and sub headers where placed in after a margin on each side had been created, ensuring the text is aligned.

I slowly started adding introductions and staff details - server, table number etc, and the total bar at the bottom, as well as filling in the starters column. This took time initially to work out the placement of the brackets, for the tick or cross, as well as ensuring parenthetical elements were used throughout to keep inline with the concept, and to push that even further, leaving afterthoughts and cheeky comments.

Close-up of table details.

I began experimenting with hand rendered type elements using a drawing tablet, which can be seen below, and started adding parenteticals where needed, i.e. the vegetarian icon. I also added the (a) in brackets for the food. (b) is for drinks and follows basic algebra a2 + b2 = c2 but with dining, so (a)2 + (b)2 = (p)2. P for Parentheses.

Uncoated Pantone colours used.

I chose British colours for this to start - red, blue and green for the (V). The colours initially chosen as seen above are also very relaxing, calming, warm and comforting.

Chosen colour palette seen above! - British, bold, warm, comforting, traditional!

Close-up of body copy.

Changing colours, and experimenting to find the perfect balance and organised use of the 3 colours.

(b)2 added to drinks section.

Asterisk added where needed to give additional info or instruction.

Overview, layout and grid.

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