Monday, 30 December 2013



Kraft Paper                     £0.56
Bulky Newsprint          £1.20
Thick Tracing Paper    £0.40
Vinyl                              £3.00
Mountboard                  £0.75

Total: £5.91, per set of printed elements (entire project).

For example, 100 menu's are printed, along with stationary, business cards etc, at £5.91each, this would cost just short of £600 to hand produce, plus inks.

Therefore if mass produced by a printers this would be a much more efficient and less time consuming manner of producing such quantities even for a small restaurant. Buying stocks in bulk will also reduce the mark-up costs. 

This is an outlay cost and has to be put forward, incurring a loss straight away for the company, but one which will not need to be replaced after ever cover, as seen in the first proposed concept. This again reinforces the costs, environmental concerns and need for small bath or mass production.

Inks and Binding:

Due to using my own inks at home, and binding equipment it is hard to work out how much additional costs this would incur.

This would be proposed by the printers before ordering.

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