Tuesday, 10 December 2013


For the crit tomorrow morning, I wanted to print the menus and relevant other design elements/boards on stock which would be, or could potentially be used for the final design.

Since the start of this project, I have changed the design aesthetic from fresh and illustrative, to well designed, smart and professional, so the stock in mind has also changed. I feel the menu concept #2 is the winning design, however feel it would be better printed on bulky newsprint, or kraft paper.

I have chosen these two due to the rural, vintage and smart aesthetic when printed, as well as the newsprint being vintage cream, detracting from the white stock being used for mock-ups. I also feel these stock choices are relevant to the design, concept, audience and will be aesthetically pleasing.

I also found that these are much cheaper to buy and print on digitally, especially as the design has been altered to a stand alone menu which isn't filled in/replaced by ever cover, or guest. This would allow the restaurant to save money printing new menus in bulk, or even on a daily basis, and helps the environment also. The re-considered stock choices and changes made to the design have been taken from the feedback received yesterday. 

A1 Bulky Newsprint, 5p per sheet
A0 Kraft Paper, 50p per sheet

I also want to try using carbon paper, so the bill acts as a receipt for the customer, kitchen and the server using transfer paper. 

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