Monday, 2 December 2013


Below are the re-answered questions for the changed brief. I have re answered the questions with relevance to the Cath Kidston brief for YCN, opposed to the ASOS brief for D&AD.

Answered Questions:

1. What is the problem?

Cath Kidston have more than 130 stores worldwide, and are constantly designing to brand. A new conversational print is needed, and this is what is required to be designed.

2. What is the brief asking you to do?

Design a new conversational print for Cath Kidston which can be applied to Home, Accessories and Women's clothing. A maximum of 12 colours can be used.

3. What is the brief trying to achieve?

An original theme and a fresh new take on Cath Kidston's unique visual style.

4. Who will benefit?

The target customer - Female, 29, just moved into her first proper home of her own, has a job she really enjoys. She has a close group of friends and a family she values, but doesn't have kids yet.. but has plenty who have.

5. What is the message?

British Heritage
British sense of humour and cheekiness
Contemporary classic but not retro
Coloured using a bold and distinctive palette
Fresh, surprising, modern.

6. Who is the audience?

See question 4.

7. How will the message be delivered?

The print needs to be delivered in both repeat tile and stepped out versions, and create three different colourways.
You should use a maximum of 12 colours.

8. Can you foresee any problems with this?

Coming up with a new, unique and unseen concept.

9. Why chosen?

I feel as though this brief is perfect for me to complete and submit due to my passion for fashion, and previous studies of fashion marketing and branding, at Nottingham Trent which I feel will be invaluable for this brief. I also have contacts within the fashion industry and previous fashion institutions, which could also help with research.

I have always been interested in graphic design for fashion, and this brief could really help me with my future career prospects and direction within design.

I also feel that this will show my illustrative, and art based side of design as well as showing I can follow a competition brief.

10. What do you want to get out of it?

I want to enhance my knowledge and design skills further with regards to design for fashion, and illustration, as well as working to constraints. I also really want to win and be considered for exhibition in London, as well as a 12 month internship with the Print Design team.

11. What do you want to do/make/propose in response?

I need to thoroughly research the brand, its competitors and the prints and designs produced by Cath Kidston. I also need to brainstorm ideas regarding ideas and concept to make a though out concept proposal.

12. What do you need to make a proposal?

A well thought out idea and concept
Concept Boards
Research into brand and previous print design
Research into conversational print.

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