Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Below are the vinyl stickers which have been designed to print on black final. Once the type was finalised, outlines for the entire document were made. Various logos have been placed on an A3 sheet with set sizes and dimensions. Stickers for two sets of algebraic coasters have also been designed and can be seen at the top. This addition has been mentioned in previous posts.

As James don't have any black vinyl until early Jan '14, which would be too late for my deadline, I have been told to visit Sydney Beaumont to purchase my own vinyl stock for print. This also means I can visit the warehouse. This is situated in the LS11 area of Leeds. I plan to visit on this Thursday approaching; the 19th of December.

Sydney Beaumont (Leeds) Ltd

Distributors of Self-Adhesive Vinyls, Sheets, Rolls, 
Double Sided Tapes, and Digital Printable Vinyls

Sydney Beaumont (Leeds) Ltd specialise in the distribution of Self-Adhesive Vinyls, Sheets, Rolls, Double Sided Tapes, and Digital Printable Vinyls, to the sign and display industry.
Our arena-sized showroom laid out with full rolls of vinyls and other products allows our customers to browse an eclectic stock that includes self-adhesive vinyls and polyesters, metallics, fluorescents, reflective, luminescent and etched glass films.
We also have a range of double-sided tapes including foam tapes and Velcro, rigid pvc’s, high impact polystyrene, Correx fluted sheet, magnetic sheet and tape, white display boards, foam centred boards, coloured mount boards, Day-Glo fluorescent papers and boards, and showcard struts.
Our showroom also has a Graphtec plotter on permanent demonstration.
If you are looking for self-adhesive vinyls, tapes and adhesives, papers and boards and plastics suppliers then please call us today.

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Vinyl Stickers to Print:


Outlines created for vinyl cutting.

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