Thursday, 19 December 2013


Today I visited Sydney Beaumont in Leeds, as stated on a previous post. I hadn't realised the popularity and vast range of vinyls available. I asked if I was allowed to have a wonder around and take a couple of photos. These are shown below.

Whilst I was there, I asked questions regarding if they vinyl cut there, and they explained they don't due to the software and the range of clients which visit there trade store.

Below shows the plotter and the process in which a blade cuts the vinyl, allowing them to be peeled off, in the same way as stickers. This can be done with masking tape or transfer film.  

Above are my logos for the Parentheses Bar & Grill being printed on Ritrama black, gloss, self-adhesive vinyl. Below shows holographic vinyl I purchased for experiments and personal use. Couldn't resist the magnificence of it.

I experimented with this vinyl before using the black for my final design pieces. The experimental piece is shown below.

& could potentially also be and is used for fashion..

Whilst I was talking to the staff at Sydney Beaumont, I enquired about the vast range and types of vinyls  available, and gave me a Pantone-style Ritrama Vinyl Swatch Book, and 4 sheets with samples and stock numbers/names.

Aslan, special vinyl range. 

Decorex Special Vinyl

Opaque matt and gloss vinyls shown above. 

All my freebies are shown below, and invaluable for primary research & future use!

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