Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Web scamps and ideas for the website proposal. From these designs I also want to design a verson which is suitable for smartphones and tablets. The notes on the sketches show features such as changing imagery, interactive online booking, downloadable pdf menu's and rollovers and drop down menus.

Web Proposal:

For the web proposal, I will split this into two separate proposals – one for a website, and the second, for tablets and smart phones.


The website proposed has 5 pages in total, and features very simple navigation which can be seen in the mock-ups and web scamps supporting the proposition.

The first page would be a landing page, simply showing the logo and an ‘enter’ button underneath, directing the user to the homepage. I feel the website should be interactive and this adds an extra aesthetic and interactive element.

The homepage will feature the logo at the top, in central position, which when hovered over a drop down menu will appear with links to three following pages, food & drinks, book online and contact.

The homepage will also feature changing imagery on a slider in the background, showing exterior, interior, food and drinks.

The food and drinks page, will feature imagery, an introductory paragraph and downloadable pdf menus.

The book online page will give the viewer the option to book online or call up and book.

The contact page will feature imagery, contact details and location.

Tablets and Smartphones:

The same website as above is to be proposed, as a fully responsive site fitting to any tablet or smartphone.

It is also proposed that the user can zoom in and out, whilst the website will be responsive in orientation to enable more clarity with pages such as booking online.

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