Monday, 2 December 2013


Below you can see the mind maps from when generating ideas for the brief. I began looking at the brief and it's emphasis on British Heritage and British cheekiness/humour, as well as keeping in mind the target audience, a 29 year old, modern British woman.

I then chose two categories which I felt had the most scope within to develop a concept proposal. 

I chose the British Seaside, and Festivals, such as Glastonbury, a festival I feel the target audience would attend with her friends. Below are two further mind maps, showing development of the two ideas, both of which incorporate weather.

The reason I chose to include weather within these is due to the weather being the most conversational topic nationwide, as is a classic marker of a British citizen.

After overlooking the mind maps above, I decided that the seaside print has been used and adapted within home ware and accessories including print for Next Home and their summer range, a competitor of Cath Kidston. I therefore decided to go with the Festival concept, as this is something which hasn't been investigated or illustrated in such a manner before. 

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