Thursday, 8 May 2014


A look book has been put together showcasing a preview of the MONO MAN line. The same principles and interactive elements remain in place, and will be printed and bound with japanese stab-stitching, remaining the same as the womenswear look book. This also adds continuity to the branding and design.


As I have completed MONO to a level where I am happy with the main project, being the branding for a womenswear line. In the future proposals for MONO (these can be seen in the final design boards) I stated that an additional like MONO MAN would be released within the next 5 years. 

I have time to try and visualise the menswear line,which would make the brand as whole very strong and consistent. I have adapted the logo and design aesthetic to create advertising for the menswear line. I have created this initially and would like to develop and produce a look book also. 

Product tags and packaging etc, would all remain the same as the womenswear line, however, item numbers would change and additional pages would be need on the MONO website.

Development of MONO MAN can be seen below:

The MONO logo has been adapted with a tagline - 'MAN' which has been placed below in standard Helvetica. This typeface has been chosen as its manly, robust, structural and clear to read, as well as being in the same type family as Helvetica Neue which is used throughout the branding for the bodycopy.

Imagery from the same photographer has been used for the menswear collection to remain consistent. A combination of full colour and monochromatic photography will be used for the advertising and print material with the same principal as the women's - relative to the season at hand. 

Examples of imagery with the logo applied can be seen below which would be used for print based advertising for example.

A billboard has been designed to show the upcoming MONO MAN collection. This version shown is in full colour, whilst an alternative with a greyscale image would also be used or considered as an alternative. I feel the billboard has a very strong, dominant and powerful feeling and aesthetic to it, whilst reflecting the brand and it's luxury status and values.

Below shows a magazine advert mock-up showcasing and promoting the MONO MAN collection. The women's advert would be featured in luxury womenswear magazines such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, whilst the male adverts would be placed in comparative publications such as GQ magazine.


Wednesday, 7 May 2014


MONO is a feeling, a state of mind, an attitude, a lifestyle, an art, a way of being. MONO is a form of expression, through it’s luxury shapes, textiles and structures. 

Specialising on meticulously bespoke monochromatic pieces, MONO becomes a destination for sophisticated and elegant womenswear, shoes and accessories.

As a fashion retailer and e-commerce retailer, MONO embodies a highly interactive and accessible platform for the brand to express it’s unique fashion diction, as well as propogating remarkable experiences for the fashion retailer.

With a flagship store based on Sloane Street, London, MONO is building a highly reputable name, which is being endorsed by socialites, celebrities, and recognised by Vogue UK. It’s e-flagship store allows luxury goods to be shipped and recognised worldwide, sharing new fashion with international culture.

Within the next 5 years, MONO is set to expand to menswear, along with the opening of a flagship store set to launch in New York.

Through it’s offerings, every aspect of MONO’s identity and brand is built to tailor for it’s target audience, whilst continuing to exceed the expectations of the industry.

The identity of the brand itself has been designed to showcase the concept, using a monochromatic colourscheme and structured visuals, whilst maintaining an intregity for luxury.

MONO holds a strong, focused target market audience which falls into 3 categories. These are as follows:

Primary Target Audience:

Typically a 25-30 year old female, who cares about her image and style. She cares about luxury products and lives the luxury lifestyle. She has a good career with disposible income. Whilst being interested in fashion, she doesn’t follow all fashion trends and enjoys key, statement pieces. Lives in a city location alone, or with her partner.

Secondary Target Audience:

30-35 year old women, who still consider themselves fashionable and on trend. She would live a similar lifestyle to that of the primary target audience, however would be more mature, and possibly settled down.

Tertiary Target Audience:

The fashion industry and associative press, specifically:

Magazine Editors

Branding & Identity:

Press Invites:

Both a S/S and A/W invite has been placed inside the holder. This would be mailed out to press for Fashion Weeks and Runway shows.

Alternate Business Card/Drinks Coaster:

Given out with gift bags and purchases as well as being a cheeky addition to the branding design elements. Vinyl has been used as a main substrate throughout the project, including the MONO logo shown below.

In-Store Clothing/Product Tags:

Die-Cut  and Vinyl based tags with a ribbon finish for additional luxury and contrast to the white stock used. Product info including bar code, item number and price for instance have been placed on the reverse. This can be seen below also:

Further Branding Collateral:

Business card feature a QR code opposed to contact details, linking the user to the website with links for email, phone and store location. This adds interactivity and a hint of excitement and anticipation for the user, whilst keeping the brand low-key yet high-end.

Retail Recipt:

The store recipt would be held in a holder showcasing imagery behind the logo. Die-cutting and vinyl based application have been used. Legalities have also been placed on the recipt, i.e. transaction number and product guarantee.

In-Store Coat Hangers & Changing Room Door Tags:

Each piece of clothing would be displayed in store on a laser cut, black MONO hanger, adding luxury and continuity to the brand. Changing room tags have also been designed - they feature two small holes will be used to hang the sign on the taken changing room door. They can then be easily removed and stored whilst keeping inline with the aesthetics of the brand and design direction.

Brand Guidelines:

The brand guidelines have been bound using stab stitching and has been printed at A4 format. The guidelines show every detail of the brand in terms of logo use, typography, layout, web design and stock.

A PDF version of this can also be seen below:

Seasonal Look Book:

The look book features a promotional A/W poster which sits inside the book concealing an image which is recieved when opened.

Each item shown throughout the look book features a QR code which links directly to that specific item online. A video can be watched of the product 'moving' down the catwalk as well as product information/details and purchasing options.

A PDF of the Look Book can also be seen below:

Gift Bags and Packaging:

Gift bags are available in 3 different sizes to be used for product packaging. The ribbon is used to pull both sides of the bag tightly together to be securely tied. The logo has been applied with matte vinyl.

There are 4 different gift boxes - 2 different styles, in 2 different colours. The two larger boxes feature a die-cut logo, whilst the smaller ones feature a vinyl based logo. All of the boxes feature a 'clasp' enclosure at the top of the box, as well as printed tissue paper inside to wrap up items of jewellery for example. 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Laser cutting the clothing hangers and changing room tags took two attempts, as the first time the MDF chosen was 6mm to ensure the hanger was sturdy and safe to be handle when cut. Unfortunately as seen below, even with 2 lots of cutting it still didn't go through. As an alternative 3mm MDF had to be used, and was carefully handled to ensure the handle didn't snap off, or damage the laser cut type.

Above: 6mm MDF. Even when double cut, it didn't go all the way through. This piece was photographed for development before scrapping the waste MDF.

Above: Cutting the two changing room hangers on 3mm MDF. The laser cut through only cutting once.
Below: Cut out clothing hanger.

Above: The coat hanger and changing room tags were then spray painted black in a ventilated spray booth on both sides before photographing.

Overall I was really happy with the outcome and feel they fit the branding and identity really well. It was also a good experience in terms of experimenting with stock and different weights/thicknesses for future use.