Thursday, 30 January 2014


Whilst researching Vogue over the past couple of days, I have taken different directions in topics and have gained a wide perspectives of topics which could be looked further into.

At the moment I haven't noticed many cultural shifts across the different international editions which I find is quite surprising. And whilst looking through my own 200+ international editions have found a tremendous amount of advertising keeping the magazine a float, showering the reader with luxury which is more often than not unattainable. This issue has been touched briefly with Scott King's alternative, real life typography based covers which show how this topic is seen by the reader at times. 

I also found that each Vogue doesn't tend to change Fashions relative to country which is surprising.

Whilst researching at the back of my mind has also been the outcome of the brief and which direction I would like to take it, the list I have currently created is listed below:

- Extra edition for an unpublished country/region (An introduction to)
- A more cultural edition for UK, Russia, India, China, Japan or Thailand. (A history of)
- A global edition (A history of)
- An edition with no advertising. 
- A cover for every nation - typographic/type and image - reflecting culture and fashion of that country. (An exhibition of)
- A UK edition for the high street fashions. (An introduction to)


Today I submitted my design to the Penguin Awards, and as a result the submission details can be seen below.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014


The Brief:
You will create a body of research that explores the relationship between content, context and product in relation to an individually chosen subject or theme. In this exercise, you will begin to research a range of information and responses that clearly and effectively communicate and utilises your concepts in relation to:

A brief history of...
A collection of...
An introduction to...
Things you need to know about...
An exhibition of...
Research is expected to be both visual research and written information, which will be presented in a set of design boards.You will be presenting this information during a concept crit on Tuesday, 4th February, 2014.
Topic Chosen:
The topic I have decided to research into Vogue, especially their International versions of the international best selling high-end fashion and lifestyle magazine.
I have chosen this topic as I collect foreign Vogue magazines, and have done for years. Fashion is a topic I feel strongly about and is something which I am yet to work with in a brief. This topic could also be spread out to look at editors, stylists, the magazine aesthetics and layout, exhibitions, collections, facts, figures, history and different cultures worldwide represented through the medium of fashion. I feel there is much scope to work with and research into with this research topic. Once further developed and researched into, this will also make it easier to decide on a history of/collection of.. etc.


Below shows the final design boards for this short brief, showing everything from the brief, concept, type development, uses, final photos and a short evaluation.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Below shows the experimental photographs taken documenting the ideas behind the laser cutting and the finished piece of hand lettered type.

The photos are further explained on the design boards.


As experimentation I decided to laser cut the 'only god forgives' hand lettered type to see what a different aesthetic outcome arises. As I had never laser cut before, I was lucky to have two third years, David and Nigel around who were happy to show me which settings were cut through/engrave etc. I found the process overall quick and easy and is something I will definitely use again. 

However, during the laser cutting process, the type needed to be changed slightly so it would cut through without the counters falling out. This was resolved by placing a white line through the appropriate counters to ensure these were laser cut properly. This particular process took three attempts which different thicknesses running through the letters as they kept snapping off when the mount board was removed from the laser cutter. 

Mount board was also used to ensure sturdiness, whilst allowing the laser cut type to be used as a shadow cast or stencil.

Setting up the laser cutter.

Mount board being lasered. Very exciting!

Instructions and experiments showing the different settings of the laser cutter. 

More up close photos of the laser cutting machine and the mount board being cut.


As you can see on the two examples above, the counters have fallen through, and needs to be re-cut with counters for clarity and readability of letters, as well as being more aesthetically pleasing.

Off-cuts and what you can do with them. Some lovely "love forgives" signs were made out of the type samples left over.

Successful laser cut type.

Photos of successful type below.

As a shadow-cast/stencil - above and below.


The brief not only specifies the use of 3 different variations of type, however they also specify that a background image or texture should be used to compliment the type element of the design.

I have experimented below with a range of different background images to see which, and which style of photograph/texture is the best for the hand lettered quote.

However I have experimented I do not feel these are good enough to submit, nor have an aesthetic quality which I am happy with. 


After experimentation with type and different quotes/phrases I settled on the quote "Only God Forgives" and drew out the quote with 3 different types of font - serif, sans serif and italic/script.

Below shows the hand rendered quote when scanned in to be digitally manipulated.

At first the type was very basic and blocked, however extra decorative features and shading were adding to lift the different types of body copy off the page. I am happy with the type created, I feel the Serif particularly is sharp, and opted for a more handwriting style of type for "forgives" whilst "GOD" remains bold and in capitals for emphasis.

I will now upload this image into photoshop, sharpen the overall type and remove the background, so background images and textures can be experimented with. I would like to photo/texture in the background to reflect the phrase in someway whether this be subtly or rather more in your face.


Initial Ideas on theme/quote.

As originally mentioned on my context of practice blog I was originally going to work on the quote "a lion doesn't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep" however once I began working with digital type as a foundation (which can be seen below) I realised the quote was quite lengthy and hard to work with a variation of typefaces. 

I decided to then change the quote being worked with, and decided to choose "Only God Forgiving" a movie title and a phrase which allows more playfulness, creativity and concept to be added to expand the brief, and make it even more interesting. I would really like to win a competition and feel something sharp, snappy and to the point is most appropriate. As the image is to be laid over a photo, or be featured in a photo, it is also important to keep the quote concise and to the point. 

Working on digital type with Abril Fat Face Regular.

I feel the quote I was originally working with, has more impact as a digital quote, opposed to hand rendered type.

I then began drawing an entire new quote for experimentation with hand lettered type in order to gain more practice and become better at the craft which many typographers thrive off. Hand lettered type hasn't been my strongest skill within Graphic Design and this is something I would like to work on more in the future.